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I'm using Qt Creator 2.0.1 and I have a custom slot my QMainWindow now I have a pushbutton, which on clicked should call the custom slot on the main window. Can do in code yes, but can't do this with the signal-slot editor. When I open the signal-slot editor, I see the custom slot on the right but the entire set of slots are disabled.

Integrating an HTML Editor into Qt using Javascript and QWebView Integrating an HTML Editor into Qt using Javascript and QWebView. published at 25.08.2015 16:27 by Jens Weller . Welcome to the 8th installment of my series on writing applications in C++ with Qt and boost. The last post was about signaling and messaging in C++. This time its about integrating an HTML Editor into Qt using QWebView and Javascript! I'll start with text editors in general, and then continue to the integration, based on QWebkit and TinyMCE3. The end result is a little bit of ... Category:HowTo - Qt Wiki Pages in category "HowTo" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 324 total. (previous page) ... Grafické programy v Qt 4 - 1 (úvod, hello world) Qt 4 je svobodná multiplatformní knihovna sloužící primárně (ale nejenom) k vývoji grafických programů. Jejím nativním jazykem je C++, a tím se také v tomto seriálu budeme zabývat.

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JXP Commander II 0.9.0 Pomalost QT aplikacii vacsinou spociva na fakte, ze vyvojari danej aplikacie su prasce a hovada a v QT nevedia programovat ( zazil som jednu komercnu aplikaciu, kde "programatori" "vyvijali" linuxovu aplikaciu na windows, na vsetko … Consilia - Odkazy Qt Creator - Díky velkému množství pluginů a nativní podpoře pro GIT se QT Creator stal častým prostředím, ve kterém vyvíjíme naše aplikace.

Hi! I just started developing apps on qt and I want to develop a multy layer qt app using the QtStackedWidget only with QtCreator signals and slots editor but the "setCurrentIndex" slot is just not showing. (I want to switch pages through a button in each...

Qt Designer's signals and slots editing mode allows objects in a form to be connected together using Qt's signals and slots mechanism. Both widgets and layout objects can be connected via an intuitive connection interface, and Qt Designer will present a menu of compatible signals and slots to use for each connection made. When the form is saved ...

When I open the signal-slot editor, I see the custom slot on the right but the entire set of slots are disabled. When I select the clicked() signal of the pushbutton, all the slots disappear on the right and I cannot get them back. Basically this is not supported.

I am using QtCreator as my IDE. In the attached image the shown stacked widget has two pages and the two pushButtons 1 and 2 are for navigation to firstPage and SecondPage of the stacked widget respectively. Problem 1: When I opened signal/slot editor I selected sender=button1 and signal=clicked, then receiver=stackedWidget and slot=? . c++ - Visualize QT Signals and Slots - Stack Overflow

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This perspective shows Qt Designer's signal–slot editor, action editor, property editor, widget box, and more, as shown in Figure C.2. Figure C.2 The Go to Cell dialog in Eclipse To complete the design, we perform the same steps as in Chapter 2 (p.

You can only use types within your signal and slot declarations, not values. So your '1' in there won't work. In Qt 5 with a c++/11 capable compiler, you could use a lambda function instead in a connect call, so you don't have to define the slot at all. Note that slots you add in Designer are not created for you. Eclipse Community Forums: C / C++ IDE (CDT) » Luna, CDT 8.4 ... what I want to do is, using qt 5.3.1 together with Eclipse Luna and CDT C++ 8.4.0 on a Win7 platform. Unfortunately I'm a beginner in Qt and Eclipse and I have problems to get a running system. What I have done is, I have installed the following packages: qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw482_opengl-5.3.1.exe How to create an easy Qt application with Eclipse? Thanks for your fast reply, but I'm newbie with this: eclipse, Qt and not an expert with C++ (I used to develop with C and Java). Using Eclipse. Can any tell me: - How to create a slot for the function changeText?. Where do I've to write it to be available form the "Signal Slot Editor" (if really is better to configure it as a slot). 20 ways to debug Qt signals and slots | Sam Dutton’s blog Below are some suggestions for troubleshooting signals and slots in the Qt C++ library. 1. Check for compiler warnings about non-existent signals and/or slots. 2. Use break points or qDebug to check that signal and slot code is definitely reached: – the connect statement – code where the signal is fired – the slot code. 3.